Cambridge per Diem

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  Cambridge per diem

A daily chronicle of Cambridge connections

Drawing on many years’ experience as a Cambridge Blue Badge guide, Rosie Zanders has assembled an eclectic mix of Cambridge-related anniversaries, at least one for every day of the calendar year. The author hopes that this book will afford readers some new insights into Cambridge and its inhabitants, both past and present, encouraging further exploration of the city.

‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes’  Marcel Proust

Particular thanks are extended to Dr John C Taylor OBE, creator of the renowned Corpus Christi clock, for supplying the wonderfully appropriate cover image. The clock is topped by a fearsome time-eating mutant grasshopper, the Chronophage, which very publicly devours minutes as they pass by all too quickly. There could be no better illustration for a book which focusses on Cambridge time.

Reviews for The Cambridge Book of Days by Rosie Zanders (published 2011 by The History Press):
‘The book is full of intriguing vignettes’
‘It boasts a stellar cast of the rich and famous, from royalty to rock stars’
‘An addictive little treasure trove’
‘A wonderful miscellany of Cambridge anecdotes’

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