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Millennium Scenes: Richard Causton
Millennium Scenes: Richard Causton

Price: £14.99

'Causton is among our most imaginative composers, and these five works, all substantial, often with flaring brilliance, are almost too much to take in. They will repay many listenings' Sunday Times

Short pieces by King's Music Fellow and composer Richard Causton. The CD includes:
  • Millennium Scenes
  • Notturno
  • As Kingfishers Catch Fire
  • Chamber Symphony
  • The Persistence of Memory (which won First Prize in the Third International 'Nouve Sincronie' Competition)
Millennium Scenes was written in 1998-99: rather than an empty celebration of the turn of a century, the composer writes that 'I had in mind a series of fleeting images... - a TV commercial, perhaps, a couple arguing, laughter, a dead animal on the road, religious fervour, a child being hit - almost anything, in fact, but all of them real events taking pace around the turn of the millennium.'

By contrast with the massive orchestra of Millennium Scenes, Notturno explores the night landscapes evoked by poet Salvatore Quasimodo, while As Kingfishers Catch Fire exploits the colours of flute, clarinet, harp and string quartet. Chamber Symphony, which closes the disc, juxtaposes ideas of the mechanical and natural, partly inspired by the composer's fascination with the writings of William Blake.

Hallé, Nicholas Collon (conductor)
Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, Ryan Wigglesworth and Gerry Cornelius (Conductors)

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