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The Great Windows booklet King's College Chapel guidebook Our College Story by Ross Harrison
Guidebook to the stained glass windows of King's College Chapel in Cambridge.
Colour Illustrations. English language only. 30 pages.
Official guidebook to King's College Chapel in Cambridge.
30 pages with colour illustrations.
Available in 6 languages. Please select your language from the drop down menu.

A short history of the King’s College of St Nicholas and Our Lady in Cambridge

by Ross Harrison, former Provost of King’s

Fitz and Will the Cambridge Cats - The Christmas Adventure Fitz and Will the Cambridge Cats - The May Ball Adventure Fitz and Will the Cambridge Cats - The Graduation Adventure.
It's Christmas Eve in Cambridge.
Join Fitz and Will, the Cambridge Cats, on a festive adventure,
which takes them to the famous carol service at King's College.
After a magical sleigh ride home,
Fitz and Will feel that Christmas has well and truly begun.
Join Fitz and Will, two fun-loving cats, on an adventure through
the historic streets and colleges of Cambridge.
On a warm summer's evening the cats find themselves at Trinity May Ball,
where their curiosity begins to get the better of them.
The Cambridge Cats return for another adventure which takes them
through the Market Square to St John's College, where Graduation Day is in
full swing. Fitz disappears and Will can't find her. Where can she be?

God-Curious: Exploring Eternal Questions by Stephen Cherry Barefoot Ways by Stephen Cherry The Stained Glass Windows of King's College, Cambridge
Why study theology? Getting to the heart of this question, Stephen
Cherry demonstrates the appeal of exploring the unknown and the
unknowable and reveals how theology - the most interdisciplinary of all
subjects - is fascinating, fun and important to our lives today.
A sequence of beautifully crafted prayer-meditations for daily reading from Advent through to Candlemas. An in depth insight into the history and depictions of the stained glass windows of King's College Chapel in Cambridge.
Photography by Mike Dixon, with text by Kristen Lippencott.
An Introduction To King's College Chapel The King's Singers GOLD: Book Chasing the Modern
Chasing the Modern
Price: £22.50
An Introduction to King's College Chapel contains 120 pages of highly readable text, beautifully illustrated with photographs and historic plans and drawings. A brand new book chronicling The King’s Singers’ extraordinary journey over the past 50 years The Twentieth-Century Life of Poet Xu Zhimo
Cambridge in a new light book King's College Chapel 1515 - 2015 King's College Chapel: A History and Commentary
This comprehensive hardback book narrates the story of the University's 31 colleges
160 pages ~ 200 images ~ 31 colleges
Introducing the new publication - King's College Chapel 1515-2015. Art, Music and Religion in Cambridge.
Edited by Jean Michel Massing and Nicolette Zeeman.

John Saltmarsh passed away in 1974, leaving a legacy which included several drafts of his unpublished magnum opus, King’s College Chapel: A History and Commentary.
Dimensions 282mm x 198mm 23mm
A Book of King's
A Book of King's
Price: £40.00
TV producer and author Karl Sabbagh has teamed up with photographer Martin Parr to produce a book that goes further than any publication has ever done to capture the unique nature of the college.